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Project: Open Mic

February 1, 2011

In a quest for inspiration and exploration through live music, my older sister and I are setting out to cover music we like and play for the “Open Mic” crowd- perhaps the most liberal of crowds.

We’re not the most avid musicians- my sister sings lightly on the side and I play the piano as a way of relieving stress every so often. Our binding force is a similar feeling that we probably wouldn’t make it through every day without music.  This seems like an acceptable starting point.

Of course, this general feeling about music is not very conclusive to begin our discussion on the nature of our “Open mic” experience. I’ll begin by “breaking the ice” and listing a few reasons why this may not be a useless attempt.

My name is Catherine, and I’m a full time student in San Marcos, Texas. I’m currently going into the realm of internships and “The Real World”- not the MTV show unfortunately. While I’m scared shitless at this prospect, I’m realizing that you only live once-  it’s best to do everything you can in the present and be positive.

It’s a hard concept to incorporate, but baby steps.

My sister’s name is Lindsay, sometimes known as “Linds” (or “Vivi” as she would like to go by on stage for pure French name loving purposes). She is a UT graduate, recently married to the love of her life, and truly my confidante for everything. I couldn’t imagine anyone better suited to sing with me on stage whether we are phenomenal or dismal.

We are similar in that we are pretty liberal about music- we are not particularly choosy or haphazard, hipster or traditional, classicist or punk, etc. Finding a middle ground is probably what we do best.

For example- I love Regina Spektor, but I won’t lie and say that my sister and I didn’t jam out to Britney Spears after our first practice on Saturday (we did).

Based on this first practice Saturday, I think we are on a good path. Here are a few songs we are considering covering. Venues and times are still up for grabs, more updates soon!

1.)   Joanna Newsom- Peach, plum, pear

2.) Joni Mitchell- That song about the midway

3.)   Regina Spektor- Summer in the city

4.)   Sarah Mclaughlin- Possession

5.)   Joni Mitchell- River

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