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“Tantra”-lizing: Inspirations this week

February 6, 2011

Pictured above is Tantra coffee house (hence my punny headline)- a quaint little caffeine haven in San Marcos, Texas. This location has quite unique features, such as: a hand-painted Jimmy Hendrix coffee table, delicious and unique beverages, extra comfortable Victorian-esque couches, and an outdoor stage for several “weird” events that occur weekly here.

Some such events range from the weekly Tribal Night complete with Fire Spinning, local singer/songwriter showcases and “Open mic” nights. Hence how this cozy little place has caught my eye this week.

Since I go here a fair few times per month for my routine get-the-ball-rolling coffee emergency, I had the chance to chat with Sage, a barista at this location, about the openness of said “Open Mic” nights.

“My boyfriend does it all the time,” Sage said. “He just gets up there and plays some classical music on his keyboard and people usually dig it.”

Judging from this information and the freeness and nonchalantness of Sage’s character, I feel that the duo of my sister and I won’t be judged too harshly and might even be well-received at this location.

Another inspiration I’ve found this week was at a Feminist Book Club meeting that I attended this past Wednesday. One of the books mentioned in the meeting was of particular interest to my budding musician taste- Patti Smith’s autobiography “Just Kids”.

The story details her relationship and interactions with several famous artists of the time such as Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol, and details her exploration in songwriting and fame at this period. It seems like a great read, and she is an amazing musician:

So, inspired by the greats and some great new venues with which to practice my art- I’m feeling very hopeful this week. More to come soon including practice videos, more songs, and a video of our first “Open mic” performance!

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